Giving Directions

There are three options when giving directions with this system, but first you must consider whether the visitor is needing to drive to Oklahoma Health Center or just walk across campus. Driving directions can be given via the OHC directions website or by outlining the destination’s specific 4 Simple Steps. If someone is already on campus and looking for a destination that is connected to the Path, you can encourage them to follow the Path to their destination with one simple statement.


The best way for visitors to get directions tailored to their destination is to use the directions from the Oklahoma Health Center website.

If possible, most destinations are formatted to take advantage of the 4 Simple Steps.


If you are unable to direct visitors to the website, here is a simple way to share those 4 Simple Steps over the phone.

First, direct vistors to follow signs on I-235 to the Oklahoma Health Center campus. Drivers can exit at 10th street and head east to Lincoln Ave, where they will find clues to the first step.

If applicable to the parking destination, offer complimentary valet.


Help visitors who are already inside buildings to look for elevators that are nearest to their final destination.

If the desired elevator is in another building, direct visitors to the Path that connects the buildings.

Use the Path map to find out which elevator is in each building on the PATH.

Elevator icons are visible on overhead signs and PATH maps along the PATH and in elevator lobbies.

Speaking the same language

It is important for all employees to understand the system in order to speak the language consistently and efficiently.

Understand the 4 Simple Steps and how they can be adopted for major locations on campus.

Understand Landmark Elevators and how the PATH connects them to major hospitals, clinics and parking.

Embrace the use of the symbols that help abbreviate the directions and helps clearly identify locations.

Oklahoma Health Center

One of the areas that is most mis-communicated and misunderstood is the name of what we call our campus, Oklahoma Health Center. Oklahoma Health Center’s boundaries are essentially defined by the facilities found between 13th and 8th; and Lincoln and Lottie.

Some members of our community have grown to over-shadow the rest of the campus from time to time. So names like OU Medical Center and OU Health Sciences Center have caused the public to think of the campus as “OU” or “OU Medical Center” or “OUHSC”. Although it is true that these organizations are indeed on the OHC campus, these names are not meant to replace the “Oklahoma Health Center” as a whole.

Learn more about the history of Oklahoma Health Center.

Isn't learning a new language fun?